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As the fall semester continues to be fully underway, we would like to remind you of Emory University’s policies regarding sexual misconduct. Emory fosters a safe learning and working environment that supports academic and professional growth of students, staff, and faculty and does not tolerate sexual misconduct in its community and will take prompt action when misconduct occurs. The university takes seriously every allegation or report of sexual misconduct received.

Each person in the community must understand what it takes to be responsible and caring members, by knowing what conduct is prohibited, how to report suspected sexual misconduct, and where to turn for help and support.

The Sexual Misconduct Policy defines what sexual misconduct is and how alleged violations are reviewed. The Sexual Misconduct Policy was recently revised and informed by several student groups on campus.  Several recommended key enhancements to the policy include, but are not limited to: 

  • Listing a range of sanctions and protective measures following a final determination of a violation of the sexual misconduct policy
  • Initiating an appeal process for interim restrictions
  • Clarifying the role of the advisor in the adjudication process
  • Adding dating and domestic violence to the definitions sections 

We hope that you will join us in ensuring our campus is safe from sexual assault and any kind of sexual violence. As the year goes on, several offices and groups including the Respect Program, the newly created University Senate Committee on Sexual Violence Prevention, the Title IX Student Envisioning Board, and many of our student groups will reach out to the Emory community with educational efforts in order to raise awareness of ways to prevent sexual misconduct. We strive to be a community that takes an active role by providing support and resources in order to eliminate sexual violence.

We continue to look at revising this policy to meet the needs of our community. Please take a few minutes to review this policy and become familiar with the resources we have in place. The policy may be found here. If you have any suggested revisions to the policy, please use the feedback form on the navigation menu to your left.