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Immediately After Incident

It can be difficult to figure out what steps to take right away, but here are options for help immediately after an incident of sexual or gender-based violence and harassment, including sexual assault.

Get Medical Attention. You are strongly encouraged to seek medical attention.  You can visit the DeKalb Medical Center Emergency Department (404) 501-5350, where the hospital has personnel specially trained to conduct medical examinations for sexual assaults, or visit the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department at University Hospital (404) 712-7021.  For Oxford Students needing emergency medical assistance call 911 or visit Newton Medical Center Emergency Department (770) 385-4414. 

For Atlanta campus students needing non-emergency medical treatment, call Emory University Student Health Services (EUSHS) at (404) 727-7551 ext. 1; for Oxford students, call Oxford Student Health Services (SHS) at (770) 784-8376.

Emory students may also get support from the Student Intervention Services (SIS) Team, in Campus Life, which coordinates the university’s response for students in distress, with the goal of providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed.  (404) 430-1120,

Talk with Someone Confidentially.  You have resources for immediate emotional support and confidential counseling.  Students can call the Respect Program in the Office of Health Promotion (404) 727-1514 and receive confidential guidance as to what steps to consider for safety, counseling, reporting, and accommodations that you might need right away.  Students can also call Counseling and Psychologi­cal Services at (404) 727-7450.  Oxford Students may access services at Counseling and Career Services at (770) 784-8383.  Emory employees can call the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) at (404) 727-4328 (press #2 for after-hours on-call service 24/7).  The DeKalb County Day League (formerly DeKalb Rape Crisis Center) also has a 24-hour confidential crisis line (404) 377-1428, and free counseling service (404) 377-1429.  Georgia’s 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline is (800) 334-2836.

Report to the Police.  Depending on the location of the incident, the Emory Police Department at (404) 727-6111 (for Atlanta campus), (770) 784-8377 (for Oxford campus), or (404) 686-2597 (for Midtown campus), or a local police authority will assist you. You can initiate a report by calling the Emory Police Department, and you will be connected to the appropriate authorities if the assault occurred outside Emory’s jurisdiction.  You can also call 911 and be connected directly to the jurisdiction’s emergency switchboard.  Your report will not obligate you to follow through with legal action, or affect your ability to pursue resolution through the University processes (see Report to University below).  The criminal process is governed by applicable criminal statutes; the standard of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and punishment upon findings of guilt are determined by a Georgia court of law.

Preserve Evidence.  Whether or not you know that you will pursue a police report or legal prosecution for sexual assault, if the incident occurred within the last 72 hours, you should strongly consider seeking medical care and preserving evidence.  You are not obligated to pursue criminal steps if you get a medical examination and collect evidence.  You have the option of going to DeKalb Medical Center Emergency Department (404) 501-5350, Emory University Hospital Emergency Department (404) 712-7021, Emory University Hospital Midtown Emergency Department (404) 686-3845, or the Newton Medical Center Emergency Department (770) 385-4414, for medical assistance and evidence collection.   Do not shower or wash your body or clothes before going to the hospital.  If you are a student, a university advocate or Campus Life professional can meet you at the hospital and support you through the exam process.

Report to the University.  The University’s process is independent from any criminal process. You may report the incident to Emory’s Title IX Coordinator and Associate Vice Provost, Lynell Cadray,, (404) 727-2611, or Title IX Coordinator for Students, Judith Pannell,, (404) 727-4079.  Alternatively, you can call your resident advisor, any residence life staff, your supervisor or Emory Human Resources, or Title IX Deputy Coordinators in each school, to reach the right officials who handle complaints of sexual or gender-based violence and harassment.  If the allegation involves the conduct of an employee, contact Maurice Middleton, Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Compliance Officer,, (404) 727-9867.  In any process to adjudicate Sexual or Gender-Based Violence and Harassment, the standard of proof that applies is “preponderance of evidence,” and sanctions may include disciplinary action, up to an including suspension, exclusion or, in the case of employment, termination.