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Seeking Remedial and Protective Measures

University Measures:  Title IX officials at Emory can arrange for a broad range of protective and remedial measures, including (1) a “no-contact” directive, which is enforceable through the student conduct codes, and (2) appropriate and available academic, University housing, and or/university employment modifications.  Information you share with Title IX officials will be evaluated to assess individual and community safety consistent with University obligations under federal laws (see below).  Remedial measures are available regardless of whether a person decides to pursue a report or investigation under Emory’s policies.  Section 8.2.2 of Policy 8.2 provides information about options for protective or remedial measures.

To request remedial or protective/interim measures, contact:

  • Judith Pannell, Title IX Coordinator for Students (404-727-4079;, or
  • the Title IX Coordinator designated for your school, listed here, or
  • [for employment situations] Maurice Middleton, Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Compliance Officer (404-727-9867;